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Updated: Jun 16, 2022

We are all about meeting the needs of those less fortunate. Many of the people we serve have lost jobs and homes due to Covid 19. Many were suffering prior to the pandemic, either way, our mission is to meet their needs by connecting them with resources in tough times. We are appealing to everyone who have been homeless before, who ever lost a job at no fault of their own, lost a loved one to suicide, and are dealing with trauma or loss, to please click on the donation button on this site and help us make a positive impact in the life of a family who is struggling just to survive from this day to the next. If a small donation of $10 can purchase a wellness package to help a family, imagine what $100 can do. This month alone, we collected almost $800 and was able to distribute 65 wellness packages to the Camelot Community. It troubled my heart that we were not able to give out more because, they need is Great. With your generous donations we hope to give out double or triple that amount next month.

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